Quiet comaraderie

It was a quiet night on the docks, or so I thought.  Maybe it was just the quiet in the air.  The cove was a sauna.  It wasn’t the most comfortable night to work on LIfeline.  Overcast and darkening gray in the sky.  That brought out the green in the trees, that deep, dark green that makes a forest both inviting and at the same time foreboding.    I was on board to tighten up my mast stay cables to specifications.  They were pretty saggy during the last race and I want them snugged up before this weeks’.

Norris stopped by.  We talked about how he and Kioko are enjoying Balanced Sheets.  He leased the club’s boat for the summer.  Some leaks still that I didn’t get repaired last year.  The woodwork needs new finish.  We talked about one-fifty grit sandpaper, three-hundred grit paper, then varnish, steel wool rub, and varnish again.  We parted and I kept on working.

I took a phone call from a Sea Scout Skipper about arranging to meet and show him our facilities and arranging for his Ship to come down and visit the docks and going sailing.

I finished my work.  It took some time to get seven cables to where I was comfortable.  They were far from being safe, even, and I was embarrassed to myself for not properly rigging them sooner.  I ‘bent on’ two traveler lines and a ‘Cunningham’ for the mainsail.  The one rigged last week was too short.

Jim, the Dock Master this year, was ‘on board’ so I walked down and discussed the phone conversation I’d had with Steve.  I’m putting Steve and Jim together via an email.

Then I saw Doc on his Catalina 22.  Doc is the Skipper of the Sea Scout Ship I’m supporting.  I got a look into his cabin and noted a fine wooden panel for his electrical system.  He’s mounted it on the port bulkhead (wall) next to the table.  Mine is factory original, on the floor.  I have to stand upside-down to operate it.  I think I’ll rewire mine like Doc did his.

No wind, sauna like, but some decent progress in keeping Lifeline in good shape and the camaraderie that makes boating the worthwhile venture it is.


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