The rigging is loose

Isaiah 33: 23  Your rigging hangs loose;

it cannot hold the mast firm in its place,

or keep the sail spread out.

One of the threads of life that makes sailing so wonderful for me is that the scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition are woven so well into it.

Yesterday was a terribly challenging day for me.  I’m working as an electrical/electronic repairman at a local university, so when a simple heater/fan comes in I should be able to fix it in under an hour.  But I didn’t.  I had the device apart, together, apart, together five times and finally broke a connection I didn’t think I could repair.  All the while the blood pressure is rising and the anger is boiling.  I’m getting more and more rough at the workbench, which is to say that I was beginning to hammer things, first with my hands and next with my screw driver (I don’t have a ‘crescent-hammer’, I work with electricity).  I was ready to use a sledge hammer if I could find one when my boss came over and asked if he could help.  I guess six hours of listening to me was enough for him.  Thirty minutes later the device was repaired and he handed it back to me for an operational test.

I didn’t stop there, though.  I went home with all that just festering within me.  I was planning to get ready to go sailing, trailering Lifeline to Lake Erie with my sister for the weekend.  Hooking up the trailer I discovered the lights weren’t working.  Looking under the truck’s bumper I found broken and corroded wires where there were supposed to be electrical connections.  Six hours later those lights still weren’t working.  And I was livid!  My wife tried humor and I just got more and more angry.  I couldn’t even figure out the correct repair with a $20 schematic I’d taken time to go purchase.  A simple circuit and this former space shuttle electrical test engineer still couldn’t fix the wiring.

Now, I’m a promoter of the ideas written down by many of the self-help gurus.  I favor the writings of Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey myself.  Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a classic for me.  All these methods of conceiving an idea, believing in it, and working to achieve it match up quite well for me with “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be given you.”  But what happened to me that I can’t even conceive, believe, and achieve to fix a heat gun or trailer wiring?

I forgot to tighten my ‘rigging’.  In spite of knowing all I think I know and in spite of what I have done in the past I still need to continue to work to “conceive and believe” in the work of the Almighty.  Anger clouds discernment.  Frustration is nothing more than a fog to the mind.  Capitulating to these two creates a storm internally that will not let me see what it is I need to see to guide my life.

Last week I tuned my rigging on Lifeline to hold the sails better.  Today I’m reading scripture to tune the rigging of my principles, and to work to live better the faith I profess, and leave the anger and the frustration in the septic tank where it belongs.

And I think I can see how the lighting should work now, my mind illuminated anew with the Light.

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