REALLY?  Toddler left to chose its gender.

REALLY?  A set of parents in Colorado bought so deeply into Margaret Mead’s gender choice science (1933) that they experimented with their anatomical ‘son’ allowing ‘him’ to drift and decide for ‘himself’ how he would live his life biologically.  Without guidance, the ‘boy’ elected feminine attributes, clothing, and mannerisms.

Now the school s/he attends has been sued for requiring a ‘girl’ to use a ‘boy’s’ restroom.

Is this really where we want to allow our society to drift off to?  Parents ‘experimenting’ with their children would be a crime normally, but if it has to do with the LGBT community it is lauded as wonderfully progressive, open, and free.

The LGBT community applauds and supports the law suit.  The majority remains silent giving passive support.

Biology has been the guiding force for human survival for 14,000 years.  Ms. Mead comes along and talks about temperament and suddenly an industry is created around allowing ‘self-selection’. (80 years is ‘sudden’ in human history).

Humanity is perfected in the trinitarian nature of our being.  “…male and female He made them.” and “what God has joined let no man put asunder.”  Just in case the biology wasn’t apparent enough, someone actually put His words into print.

Letting a child drift aimlessly to discover itself sexually is an error, and a choosing to do so is a crime against the child.  When babies are abandoned and thrown in the trash, we decry the actions as terrible and murderous.  Why is it when the distortion of care is directly supervised it is lauded?  If the child were beaten, there would be arrests.  What kind of emotional and physical beatings is this child going to suffer for the next ten years because of the parents’ actions?  The fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes tells a two-fold lesson; of the vanity of grown persons, and of the honesty of children.  This child is going to hear ‘truth’ whether the parents want ‘it’ to or not.

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