Sailing under the ‘Super’ Moon on the Summer Solstice

Friday evening was perfect for the idyllic romantic sail.  My wife and I decided to take the time to enjoy the warm breeze and progressively quieting evening as we waited to see the moon rise over the lake.

It was a perfect day for watersports.  We were sharing the lake with all sorts of craft.  Alum Creek is large enough to accommodate some 30′ power boats and its smooth surface, relative to Lake Erie, makes for the draw for speed.   There is no horse-power limit on the lake either.  And there were smaller cabin cruisers, pontoon boats, jet skis, ski boats… …wait… didn’t I say it was ‘idyllic’ for romance?

Well, while the breeze remained steady enough, the setting sun is the signal for those ‘more noisy’ pursuits to leave the water and the evening became progressively quieter.  Pretty soon there was only the lapping of the water before the bow of Lifeline and gurgling past her rudder.  The heel on the boat slight and in this breeze the sheets needed only gentle tugs to trim by.

The sun set behind some summer clouds and the hues of orange and red and pink filled the sky to the west.  Easterly, there was a blanket of pink that quickly turned gray in the darkening sky, a soft and translucent color that was sure to show the moon rise in its own time.

At first there was a soft glow behind the fog of gray.  Like the glowing warmth of anticipation in one’s heart, the light grew stronger and rounder.  In only a few minutes the beacon of the night shown full on us.  The water remained silent still but for Lifeline’s wake as we steered placidly back into the harbor.

Photo credit to Kellie Morrissey, Littleton CO.  Not the moon at Alum Creek, (OH), but close enough…thanks Kellie for posting yours on-line.

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