Unexpected surprises

I noticed a cotter pin jutting out of the starboard spreader Saturday afternoon late, and that cut off the Super Moonlight sail. So I planned to lower the mast and make the repair on Sunday.  But what happened on the water Saturday and Sunday made me take note and I want to share another concern that ‘popped’ out.

Saturday I lost a pin from a jib fair lead. Sunday I lost a pin from my back stay right after hoisting the main. What bothers me most able these losses was that they are threaded fittings. I crank them down with pliers. Now I may start using a drop of Lok-tite to keep them in place.

I attribute the security of the mast on Lifeline to having just tuned and secured the turnbuckles following the raising, and to the Fleet Blessing before I began the day. You see, the shackle gave way on a run, with the sail full. I really don’t know how the mast stayed up long enough for me to drop (and I mean DROP) the mains’l.

I have extra hardware on-board and a shackle that would fit the failed connection.  The back stay went back in place before the crew was past the second channel marker and we continued to sail for another two hours.  All reacted effectively for the safety of the boat.

So, have you checked your rigging recently?

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