Bay Week 2013! Intro

Well, it wasn’t pretty.  Lessons were learned.  This ‘support boat’ of a Catalina 22 looked like a dingy alongside the rest of the fleet.

The goal was achieved, though, after four years of working to get Lifeline ready for open water at $20 – $100 a month of repairs and upgrades.  And we flew the ‘Donate Life’ logo about the island.  What good it did or will do we’ll probably never know but that service we wanted to perform to promote organ donation registry was accomplished as well.

More on Bay Week 2013 in Put-in-Bay Ohio as the pictures get sorted through and my arms can lift my hands to the keyboard and my fingers limber up after holding the sheets and hauling halyards through sun and storm.

One thought on “Bay Week 2013! Intro

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