Donate Life!

donate life inboard

Science is moving along quickly but not quickly enough for some peoples’ needs. ‘Lifeline’ is so named as an entendre’ for both the name and part of its sailing mission. Connected to organ donation through my father’s heart problems and a friend’s final gift of life, flying the foresail of the boat with this Donate Life logo is both an honor and a duty.

This past weekend ‘Lifeline’ sailed out of Sandusky, OH harbor and through the pass between Marblehead and Kelly’s Island on Lake Erie. Put-In-Bay OH and the Interlake Yachting Association Summer Sailing Regatta was the destination. I spent two days sailing around the islands’ shores and along side the race courses. The weather and wind direction worked well so the sail billowed outward to show the message.

Approaching the Harbor

Approaching the Harbor

The route home was the reverse and the wind again cooperating rather than the storm met on the outgoing voyage. Cooperating weather meant heavier traffice on the water from both power and sail vessesl, and of course, there were the commercial vessels with their passangers and crews. The Jet Express ran past me five times on Sunday alone with several hundred passangers aboard. What view anyone from Cedar Point amusement park had would have been from The Breakers hotel dining room and the roller coasters. Some minor road traffic as people drove to-and-from the hotel and the cottages along the shore. Sandusky Bay was also busy, including the Coast Guard coming close aboard to take a look.

So, ‘mission complete’ for the first run on Lake Erie after working for three years to get the boat ready and figuring how to get the logo on a sail.

Now, with the photo posted and the mission accomplished, I’ll write more about the regatta and fun on ‘liberty call’ ashore. With the celebrations of Perry’s naval victory on the 200th Anniversary, this is a good year to make the trip out to Put-In-Bay, OH.


5 thoughts on “Donate Life!

    1. zolljl Post author

      Trailered the boat up to Sandusky, OH and splashed on their downtown waterfront. Sailed from there to the islands on Thursday, and back on Sunday.

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