Battle Pennant!

Received the ‘formal invitation and certification’ of being part of the Bicentennial Fleet, vessel 0854. That’s a lot of vessels in a fleet, more than the entire US Navy currently has. The Coast Guard is going to have their hands full that day, if everyone of us shows up…

The commemoration fleet sails on Saturday, August 31st from multiple ports around the Lake Erie Islands.  The historical brig ‘Niagara’ will be the flagship, sailing from Put-in-Bay harbor at 1100 for a rendezvous with the rest of the fleet, both American and British/Canadian at 1200 off the Three Sisters islands.

Lifeline is supposed to be launched from Port Clinton on Aug 30th for the weekend.  Port Clinton Yacht Club is sponsoring its annual Green Island Race on the following Sunday, Sept. 1st.

For a chart of the sailing area, see this NOAA On-line viewer link;


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