I’m not homophobic, but should I be?

Stephen Covey, professional educator and mentor to business, taught for years a simple principle; work together by combining your skills and talents for a Win-Win situation, or find someone else to do business with that you can create such a deal with. There should be no Win-lose or lose-win deals, and certainly no lose-lose. Maybe, when a business run by individuals feels an event isn’t in their best interests, the customer should go somewhere else?
Florist in Washington sued
Baker in Colorado sued
Photographers in New Mexico Convicted and fined
Methodist Church sued
I have been accused of being homophobic. I wrote a note back (a letter, really) stating that I’m not (afraid), nor am I a bigot (unwilling to allow others to lead their own lives). But in light of the number of law suits in work in the U.S. to create the protected status for the gay and lesbian community, maybe I should be afraid? After all, they only need sue me for not accepting their lifestyle and the government will, by legal means, take my wealth and give it to the ‘offended’ party. Truth is, they could sue me for making these ‘disparaging’ remarks against them as well. Maybe I should just remain silent, and let them take away my free speech instead?  or in addition to?

The oppressed are/have quickly become the oppressors.  Given their new freedoms they have fallen into the same trap of having power as many other do.  They expand it until they have full control.  I’m sympathetic to their quest, even as I am becoming a target for them and their supporters.  You see, their time is short.  Soon (within the decade) like the racial civil rights they pretend to emulate, the masses will realize the protected status has created a reverse discrimination against the majority.  Then, the power of natural law may be recalled and their power curbed.

Maybe we’ll find a Win-Win situation we can all benefit from before that happens.

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