Write the White House -An Attack on Syria is an attack on Russian, Iran, Hezbollah

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Maybe you think you cannot affect U.S. Foreign Policy?  If you don’t write, you are right.


September 4, 2013

The White House

Senator Rob Portman

Senator Sherrod Brown

Congressman Pat Tiberi

Re: Military Action, U.S. v. Syria


Mr. President, Gentlemen,

The Sovereign State of Russian is the Syrian’s primary economic and military ally.  Let this issue of the violation of the United Nations chemical weapons ban be a test of the Russian leadership where their influence is primary.

I believe a more experience politician on the World stage, Mr. Putin, is permitting U.S. (intended) to stumble all over ourselves in outrage and letting us make the military move against the Syrian government.  Such a move would MAKE THE U.S. A MORE RELEVANT TARGET in the minds of Syria and her supporters, specifically Iran and Hezbollah.

I urge you all to make an effort to review this probability, and if you find it a credible idea, to make public statements to this effect.

Further, I urge you to continue to support and direct humanitarian aid to the Syrian people via the Red Cross, Doctor’s w/o Borders, the Peace Corps, Catholic Charities, and any other viable avenue.

There is no loss of face for U.S. having had the discussions of the last two weeks, and then deciding that military action belongs in someone else’s hands.  In fact, it should fit well with Mr. Obama’s past comments and his eminent status of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient to announce this to the country and the world and let U.S. be seen as benevolent AND wise in sharing responsibility for World affairs.

With respects,

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