Resonant in a Snowy Night

     The snow is falling again. I can hear it in the trees, the thousands of tappings against the branches as the flakes, heavy with moisture, patter down from above. The road out front is getting wetter, each successive car coming by makes a louder and louder splash of tires and each one seems to be moving a little more slowly. My blue wool sweater is taking on a frost of white and there is ice forming around my moustache. The snow is falling again.

     Our house sits on a nice acre-and-a-half, which is more than enough for me to try to keep up with and care for. Normally it’s not quite enough for me to get any exercise skiing across. Tonight, though, it’s different. I’m in no hurry to burn calories. Tonight I just want to stretch my legs and slide across the ground. The fields behind the house will beckon another time.

     There’s room for another loop in front of the grasses that serve to hide the house from the road. I’ll swing around those this time. Next, I’m trying to figure out how to get down……theeeee hiiiiiiiilllllllllllll…!! Well, that wasn’t so pretty. The Christmas lights on the fence and tree up by the house help me see well enough to get up on one ski, and to put the other back on. ‘Snap’ goes my boot in the binding.

     Out back, I have only one loop around, through the fur trees across the back, up the side past the hawthorn tree. I want to be careful and NOT fall against that. Up a small slope and out the gate. “OK, another round back here tonight.” It’s too magical to leave yet. The neighbor’s dog is out and I trust secure behind their fence? I think I’ll go back out front.

     Away from the television, the computer, the cell phones, and the devices waits a completely fresh world. Tonight I was privileged to spend some time surrounded by it and enveloped within it. Simply another moment resonant with God, in a natural vibration with the world, that is His garden for us to care for, especially because tonight He sent snow my way.

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