Happy and Prosperous New Year!

There are a couple of you following my writing and I want to thank you and wish you a very prosperous year.  May your favorite dreams turn into plans that bear fruit early and encourage your continued progress.

I anticipate the coming year will bring some lengthy comments.

Sailing, as usual, will become an active subject in the near future.  Winter training classes begin in February.  March brings dock pick day and if all goes well Lifeline will be in the water by the first of April.  The Icebreaker Regatta is on the third weekend of that month and Learn-to-Sail begins the last Thursday and Sunday.  A lot of work has been done to keep Lifeline a safe vessel this winter.  I’ll have to be sure I sail her safely.

This semester in my Theology program at Ohio Dominican University I am studying the Gospels with the program Director, Dr. Leo Madden.  He has already given us some assignments so I’ll begin posting some of my writings for his course.

Along the lines of religion, and blending with politics, Ohio will be deciding on civil law in the coming election year concerning marriage.  I would like to follow Pope Francis’s lead in concentrating on other topics concerning the practice of Catholicism.  However, the ‘other sides’ keep bringing up the possibility of me supporting an anti-Christian form of these laws.  Aggravating as it is for me to continue, I will be writing in opposition of changing the marriage laws away from Judeo-Christian scripture, tradition, and theology.  Though, if one ventures back several months, I’ve already stated what I expect the outcome to be.

In the same venue of crossover topics, but leaning more toward the civil law is the discussion in the Supreme Court over health care laws that fine religious organizations and persons practicing religious principles in their businesses.  March will bring the arguments for and against fining those who refuse to spend money to provide abortion drugs and outright abortions.  Already I can state that the U.S. Government is offering no relief from the ObamaCare violation of the First Amendment.  Signing over ‘permissions’ and paying the fees for others to provide free killing of innocents is no different from a Roman paying or ordering a slave to make sacrifices and pay taxes to the temple gods in their stead.  We decry the extermination of 5.8 millon Jews in Nazi death camps, but urge the continuation of the slaughter of over 58 million infants.* (we know the numbers because the abortion clinics have to keep the records to get the payments from the Federal Government and the States).  Where is the Progressive Compassion for these innocents?

Then, there is the restriction on my own cost-of-living raises.  I’ve been pretty quiet about not getting a COLA in my military retirement pay for the last five years.  I could have used a little more when I was out of work, especially since my unemployment check was only $258/wk after losing a $3500/month job in 2010.  But, you know, there were others that needed some money too, so I’ve been quiet.  Now, though, this President and his party want more money for unemployment and are paying for it by breaking a contract with veterans like me.  I have letters to write to my Congressional Reps and will post them here as well.

So… here we go into the new year.  What principles will you continue to follow, and which will you decide not to follow any longer?  I’m looking forward to some conversations.


*no matter when I write I need to be careful to use proper statistics.  The numbers above are understated from official records.  Your search engine will give you the exact numbers, depending on what sites you choose to source from.


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