Change those batteries, or else!

So, it’s 0300…and the fire alarm screams at me from the other side of the house. There are no flickering shadows, no scent of smoke or heat as I fly to my feet (I bounced out of bed like one of those 20 y/o studs that get to their feet from their back on the ground. I can only do that when fire alarms go off). Getting to the kitchen, I know its not the one above the stove, not the one over the wood stove in the living room, has to be the one in the loft. “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…………” (not to be confused with ‘bee-doe, bee-doe, bee-doe’) I get to the top of the stairs, flip on the light….’shxt’ it’s on the vaulted ceiling…nope can’t reach it even stepping up on the trunk underneath it. “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……….” it continues to scream!!!!! (why isn’t Mindy out here yet) “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……” as I head out into the garage. I know there’s a broom handle out there….and forgetting that the concrete will be cold on my feet. Yes, I’m in the garage, but it’s still in the teens and there’s ice on the floor from when the engines were warm and melted the road slush. Don’t slip. Find the broom handle…. don’t slip going back. Daxm the floor is COLD!!! Shut the door… hard. Oooops…. will THAT wake up Mindy? “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……!!!!!” up the stairs… start punching at the plastic cover, I can’t see a ‘reset’ button. “BEeee…..urp”

Finally…. silence….

Go back to sleep??? Yea….NO.

Mindy, how ever did you sleep, not only through the alarm for ten minutes, but through all my jumping, stomping, door slamming and ceiling pounding…

And I’m still awake…..


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