The Maker’s Lights Illuminate the Night

What a night!  What a brilliantly beautiful night!!

Certainly, there have been clear nights in the past three weeks.  The cold, however, the brutal (to Ohio) cold of negative numbers made it unbearable for those of us not acclimated to be out and look to the sky at night.

But, ahhh….tonight, at a warm nineteen degrees… tonight near Alum Creek I could look at the stars as if they were really hung just above me from the dome of the waters above.  Not twinkling through mist or wisps of cloud, but beaming down like the suns of the heavens they are.

The moon, a mere crescent sliver bowing in the west, was no match for the white beams of pure light streaming from above, each star a source of wonder and amazement.  Their familiar patterns burst out through a midnight of blue.

Orion was in full stature; legs, shield, arms, and club defending the south against any challenger.  The Dippers faced each other pouring out their libations one into the other.  Polaris, the star, out shown its namesake man-made lights this night.  Cassiopeia crowned the sky awaiting the King’s presence and Perseus paid homage.  Taurus faced off with Orion, but stayed its distance.  Draco kept close to the earth as the serpent was doomed to do ‘in the beginning’.

Clouds banished from the sky by the northern air, the pale orange glow made by man would not bathe these woods and this water tonight.  The lights of the Maker illuminate this night as I pray He illuminates my mind.

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