Water enveloping me, all around

Gurgling past my ears as I swim

Gurgling behind the boat as I sail

Gurgling around the bubbles express by my dive gear

Gurgling from the Baptismal font

Sounds of the water and air mixing is all I hear.


Water around my eyes erases clear vision

A shield of clear glass restores air to my sight, yet

The seal and shape of the swim goggles limit my view

The dive mask too limits, and splits the view into disjointed panels

Sails hide the field of view ahead

In the font of the Jordan all vision is erased again.


Two senses diminished

I feel the water around me

In the pool and the font heat is pulled out of my body

A dive suit holds some water close, yet the heat still drains away

Aboard the boat the damp air and my sweat wet make my hair lie flat,

And I lose the feel of the wind. Now three senses are gone.


And still


I gladly jump into a pool of water to swim

I yearn for the taste and feel of the water of a dive

I long for the smell and the feel of the wind and its pull on a sail

I commit to the washing of myself with the waters of the font

As I touch my mind, my heart, and cross my shoulders each

Time I leave and return home.


How can I go where my vision is impaired?

How can I find my way in the pool?

What do I trust in that I can swim with in the sea?

What do I know that lets me sail with canvass or steam?

What is this water of the Jordan that I wash in

What does it give me that tap does not?


I am filled with the Water of Life

The Water that formed from the four rivers of Eden

The Water that flowed and collected the Seas

The Water that floated sailors from Noah to Galilee and to the World

The Water that was more than a river when HE stepped into it

The Water of the Spirit offered to us all


The Water that gives Life and the Faith required to



I don’t write poetry very often.  I think this is the second in a decade.  If there is need of interpretation, I leave it to the reader as they may appreciate.  ‘Z’ 1-18-15

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