Marriage Redefinition – to the Faith Filled

The marriage argument so prevalent in our society for the last two decades is currently being argued in the State of Alabama. It will be argued in the United States Supreme Court in April. Thirty-seven of fifty States currently recognize by either State Law or Federal Judicial order something called ‘same-sex’ marriage.

Let me be clear. No such union exists.

Marriage has come down to this century as the word used to describe the accepted social union of a man and a woman in order to create the cornerstone of our societies. It has been recognized, especially in the last century by social scientists as the definitive difference between the success achieved by our youth and the failures of a generation’s ability to thrive and produce continued a strengthened social fabric. Studies related to homosexual unions producing the same have been demonstrated to be scientifically flawed in process and/or reporting.

It is imperative that those of us defending the intent and practice of our predecessors continue to do so, especially in light of the overwhelming social communication campaigns of the Lobbyists for the homosexual communities. We have all been exposed to the social pressures to give up on our own religious faiths and beliefs, in private and in public. We have seen the results of these campaigns in the loss of high profile CEOs being forced from their positions and in the attempted silencing of our voices on social media and in the conventional news media.

The finest moral example and strongest social voice we have is the continued efforts of men and women to maintain the strength of their own marriages. Those considering divorce must examine the reasons behind their initial vows before continuing on the path of division and look for paths to reaffirm their commitments.

“Be Not Afraid…” to voice your commitment when conversations arise. We are in a new social era, one that is not based on Christian values. Expect to be ridiculed. Speak from the strength of your own continued commitment. Be imitators of the Christ we profess to follow.


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