No, REALLY you two!! Splash Day is only 25 days away!!

The Fleet covered in snow 030415

“Lifeline” and its little sibling are just covered with snow and snow up to the trailer frame, a full eight inches off the ground, waiting to be uncovered, rubbed down, and splashed into the lake!

But the lake still has several inches of ice on it.  Last week the ice boats were getting free dockage…er anchorage.

ice boats

Next week the warm air is supposed to grace us in the Columbus area and the snow on the boats will be quickly gone.  Maybe I’ll get underneath the covers and start working on the preparations to splash them.  I need to refinish the wooden rails and the companionway covers.  I’d like to add the anchor hawse, as it is, to keep from catching the jibs.

Now, whether that ice clears off the lake or not, well… some of us are wondering if the Ice Breaker Regatta might really require some ice breaking just to get the boats in.

Ready…  set…


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