A Drop of Water, a Taste of the Divine

March 25, 2015

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit… May God prevent me from writing heresy and may His grace protect my readers from the Tempter.

Imagine…a calm, still pond on a warm summer’s morning. The sun has risen above the horizon. The mist is dissipated off the grasses and the mirror that is the surface. No chill on the light air, no breeze disturbs your skin.

From the cloudless sky, a single drop of water falls into the center of the pond. You hear the plunk break the quiet morn. You watch as silent waves move ever outward from the center, ring after ring after ring of small waves grow ever wider and wider and wider. They move into and push the reeds, the cattails, and the grass on the shore. Another drop falls, again in the center.

You know how this happens, this formation of waves. The drop strikes the water. It pushes it aside. The surface rises up around it as it falls through. Then, the surface falls back on itself, closing in some air to make that ‘plunk’ sound. Then, the surface falls back and makes another wave. And on it goes…

The bread is raised, this work of human hands, and with it the sacrifice of our lives.

A drop of water goes into the wine, “as He humbled Himself to share in our humanity.”  It too is raised.

…and in a moment, a flood of Divinity is dropped into both, into the middle of the pond of our lives.

Can you hear it? The ‘plunk’ of the Divine splashing into your life? Can you feel it, the surface of the Divine rolling back over top of you? Are you enveloped by it, the successive waves flowing over and through you? Will you let the energy carry you to the reeds and the cattails, the grasses and the shores?

The wave will reflect off the shore and return. It will cross those coming toward it from center as it returns to center. Sometimes the waves rise together, sometimes they diminish each other but they continue so long as the center is fed by that from above.

Each moment of consecration is a moment of Divine intervention, connecting a timeless heaven to the temporal earth. Each moment of consecration is an overt act of God to redeem us, to touch us, to strengthen us. Accepting this gift is to taste the Divine, to drink in all the Wisdom we can hold and carry it forth into the world, to roll into reeds and cattails and weeds and grass, to strike the shores of our lives and return to the Center to drink again.

May we crawl on humble knees to taste the Divine in the Eucharist in every mass we attend. May we learn to bask in the same in adoration.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit…


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