Back on Deck

She felt good under my feet. I hadn’t walked on her in six months. Pressure-washing her every inch made me re-familiarize myself with her intricate details; every crack in the gel-coat, every stain, every mark. I felt myself breathing easier just being with her again.

It’s boating season in the north, again, and I am late in getting on this year, even later than the mid-April snow should have kept me. School tasked me. Sickness tormented me. Time slipped past me and her hull like a roaring torrent. She waited patiently, though.

It was an endless week of evenings, though, checking all the items I could. Stays… no corrosion; turnbuckles… not two-blocked just yet; how many dock lines?… two sets plus some extra; tow line… works both ways…looks good; keel? Some more rust… but mostly looks good; walking about the foredeck and thinking of Joe and his crews’ repairs…rest in peace Joe, and thank you; trailer lights all work…it was that old truck’s wiring, never the lights; oops, the chains are a bit short and the S-hooks too small… have to get new there; I think we’re ready to go.

Well, except for the motor. Not quite sure I’m past the torment of the yet-to-be-understood symptoms from the winter. I’ll have to have a trustworthy one. But how…

My wife swooped in with the gift. Sometimes it’s nice when ‘they’ have the higher income. Besides, she wants one she can operate and trust as well. Brand new motor…check.

There’s always something to upgrade, something to fix. Lifeline is in decent shape though, and there’s nothing to keep us from splashing her. Not even the 67 degree water or the 55 degree weather.

Time to SPLASH!!

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