I don’t control my $$ any longer

1) I cannot get paid by check or cash – I have to have a bank account where it is electronically deposited.
2) Every creditor wants me to ‘pay on-line’. The bank wants me to use electronic transfers. Either will do. Writing checks/money orders costs more. So does giving them a card number on line.
3) By law, my ‘plastic’ now contains a radio-frequency chip (rfi) The bank is deactivating my other cards. The right receiver and all my info is stolen by a thief.
4) The government sent me a letter telling me my personal information is stolen. My SSN and who knows what else (blood type, electronic copy of my fingerprints, and my DNA code are all in those files from my military experience).
5) The government is paying for three years of credit monitoring. I called the number, and a computer told me the phones are too busy (Like the IRS always does). I had to go on-line to sign up.I don’t get to full SS retirement until April 2022. Then, I have to make sure I apply for my benefits before the thieves and their algorithoms.
6) After filling in some personal information for the government contractor, I realized I’d just volunteered all the necessary info for another ID theft. As soon as I hit ‘submit’ all my credit info appeared. One more expansion of my electronic footprint. I wonder if the hackers own the company that is doing the monitoring?
7) After viewing my credit report on line, there is a $30 dispute on two of three reporting agencies from 2013. I tried contacting them. There is no phone number. I can fax or email a copy of my report.
Except for removing my post taxation money from the bank on payday, it appears I have lost almost all control of my finances. The banks, with the aid of the government (that is Congress and legislative lobbying), have taken control.


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