Retired Sailor, Hope and Lament

Sailor on sigsbridge

Alas, she’s in the boneyard
Resting quietly at the pier.
No masts, no men, no mighty guns,
no more liberty ports for fun.
The fires that drove her across the seas
are cooled and nearly dowsed.
All that remains as I grab this rail
is to shead a final tear.

A new grey hound surges forth
out bound from the channel deep.
She leaps across the mounting waves
no energy she saves,
a new threat appears across the sea
so forward to the fray
This ship, her crew, surging forth, making way.
My heart and soul new shipmates, in my prayers I’ll keep.

A former shipmate posted the photo above (credit and inspired the follow-on verses.  The image reminds me of Norfolk Naval Station on  a cold, foggy day.  Both of the ships I served on, and all three of the nuclear prototype training facilities, and the Nuclear Power School location I taught at (Orlando, FL) are decommissioned.

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