On Trump; Electorate and Establishment Response

Let me begin by stating I voted for Governor Kasich in the Ohio GOP primary.  Mr. Kasich has the executive experience, successfully working as a Congressman from Ohio when the GOP balanced the federal budget, and has done a marvelous job as our Governor with erasing debt, creating a surplus, and lowering personal and corporate taxes.

Senator’s Cruz and Rubio are both first term Senators with little or no executive experience.  They are unequivocally the GOP ‘Obama’ candidates, set up as puppets to be run by the establishment as was the current President in his first term.  Why would we in the GOP repeat the same mistake, unless of course there is little difference who is directing the federal government to the electorate, only the establishment cares.  Additionally, Mr. Cruz is well known by the country, proclaimed by the Democrats and the Media, to be the Senator who shut down the federal government.  Even the Establishment GOP didn’t want Mr. Cruz to be the Party’s candidate from July through February of this year.  Now, he is the GOP ‘golden boy’, the only one who can stop Mr. Trump.

What has Mr. Trump done, except gain most of the popular vote?  He is playing himself, as we know him, the executive who has so entertained and mesmerized us on his television show.  He’s told us he is going to change the tax code to lower corporate taxes and relieve businesses small and large of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (e.g. repeal ObamaCare). This, he tells us, will bring corporate money back into the U.S. from overseas and prompt expansion of businesses small and large, increasing the employment opportunity for those of us in the working (labor) classes.  He will bring immigration under control on the southern border (“Build the wall” in his words).  Aren’t these the very reasons the GOP electorate has voted in Congressional and Senatorial representatives over the last three election cycles?

The GOP Establishment (those who benefit from and control the Party) is now doing all it can to shut down Mr. Trump’s success in the electoral process.  Remember the GOP that in the first debate last July asked all the candidates to support the eventual nominee?  You know, that pledge not to run a third-party race against the party?  Is this the same GOP that now has components who are discussing the possibility of creating a third party campaign, who would rather lose the election for President than see Mr. Trump be their nomimee?  Is this the same GOP that has former Presidential candidates (Mr. Romney) promising to caucus against Mr. Trump?  Not ‘support a candidate’ but caucus against one?  Is this the same GOP that made all those candidates promise to support the nominee, who now have ‘suspended’ candidates saying they ‘don’t know’ if they can support Mr. Trump (Senator Rubio, Governor Bush, Lindsay Graham)?

The Media, including some Conservative Talk Radio (Glenn Beck, Mark Stein; NOT Rush, notably) have compared Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler and called him a Nazi since the David Duke (who? you ask) endorsed Trump.  They have twisted Mr. Trump’s words to make it as though Mr. Trump is inciting riots (Trump said of the GOP convention “There are a lot of people out there who are angry.  If they vote for me and I’m not the nominee, there could be trouble, I don’t know, maybe riots.”)  Please note, the last time there were riots at a convention it was in Chicago in 1968 at the Democrat Convention, against the Vietnam War.  Now, not only do some protesters incite violence at Mr. Trump’s rallies, these ‘fights’ appear over and over again on the Media shows.  A story I saw this morning included a string of altercations that have occurred over the last six weeks, rather than the one in twenty-thousand fight that happened just yesterday.

What of the electorate?  Where are these protesters coming from who are ‘invading’ Trump rallies to incite violence themselves?  Who goes to a rally for someone they DON’T support?  Why block the entrance to a convention center for lack of support of a person?  Why block a highway?  Are these people the same people who support Mrs. Clinton?  Are these people who support Mr. Sanders?  If these are GOP supporters, why aren’t they showing up at the rallies of the remaining two candidates?  Where were these people for the last eight months and at the polling stations for the last two months?

Why, returning to the Media, why is this unrest the doing of Mr. Trump and not of some other source of discontent?  Surely, no one would think that the anarchist group Anonymous has become a fan of the electoral process.

Some writers have begun to question, and rightly, so, what it might mean that the entire Establishment of the political class has to lose should Mr. Trump become President.  What is it about him and his intentions for policy change that draws together the GOP, the Democrat Party, and the Media that supports them, and people like George Soros and the Koch Brothers family and other politicians and donors?

Forty-five percent of the GOP electorate thinks it’s time to shake up the GOP, and the ‘status quo’ of the federal government.  That’s not a great percentage of the entire electorate.  It should be a ‘bell-ringing alarm’ though to the so-called independent voters. Something is wrong with the way politics has turned in the United States.  It is fair to ask the question whether the People really have a say in who is elected, or whether a Political Party System has fostered and gained control in such a way as to eliminate one concept of the American Dream, that any one of us may aspire to run for and be elected by our peer voters to the highest Executive Office in our government.

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