Boat Chores 2016 – Before I Splash!

It’s harder to move around the boat this year.  Changes in meds and I find myself carrying an extra 25lbs.  Add the heat climbing into the eighties this week and I’m beat after a few chores; and, I have more than a few chores to do on Lifeline.

Pressure washing came first.  I don’t know what it is about fiberglass that it just seems to absorb dirt and grim.  I thought I found a ‘chip’ out of the bottom and thinking of how I was blasting that spot with the wand made me sick at how I was forcing moisture into it.  Turned out that ‘chip’ was just a chip in the paint.  OK, another chore to do before I splash.

Went to get the battery and it was gone.  OK, how does a battery just disconnect itself and ‘walk away’ from a charger.  Things are getting weird in my basement.  I checked the hull.  Did I leave it in the boat?  Nope….  Did I leave it in the garage, where it would have frozen over the winter?   Thank God, no…  Did I put it in my father-in-law’s boat, in his garage, ninety miles away, where it would have frozen as well?  Nope….  Where is that battery?    Oh, yea, ….the sump pump back-up power system…didn’t come with a battery.   Add another errand to the list.

Mindy says, “You’re not going far with the new tiller handle standing in the corner.”  Holes to drill and a tiller to mount.  Sand and paint the rudder along with the bottom…another two chores.

Sept 19th 2012 LLS

Mount the anchor roller.  I’ve had this for three years now and never put it on.  Always in a rush to get into the water, and doing this on the water is just asking for the frustration of dropping the hardware.

Bought new dock lines, put the new spreader boots on, inspected the rigging on the mast and retaped the cotter pins.  The old layers (and layers, and layers) were congealed into paste rather than vinyl tape.

The paint is awfully oxidized.  Let’s see what this Nuvinyl will do…  ok, looks like I’m rubbing out the hull and the deck.  Now, how to get rid of those stains in the fiberglass while I’m at it.  Well, those are on the deck and that I can do on the water.

Inspect the sails, the running rigging, install the new back-stay and traveler lines, test the motor (with new gasoline), check the mast lights before stepping…

Maybe I’ll put the FJ in the water first.

Sailing Instructor

(for my non-sailing readers; Lifeline is a 22 ft Catalina that has carried as many as fifteen passangers and crew while the FJ is a 14 ft two-person boat for daytime ‘fun’ )


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