Civility Removed-Not Replaced

In the wake of the shooting incidents in Orlando Florida the week of June 7th, 2016, the ‘major’ media outlets spent several days trying to write stories that might explain the tragedies.  Jihadist attacks in San Bernadino CA, Paris France, and Belgium were all reviewed.  My opinion is a rough ‘rant’, but however poorly written, it seems a much better explanation than we are given by the traditional writers of our immediate history.

A true void is impossible to picture.  There is no reference to anything else, thus, no real picture.  The Void of Space is presented as a point of thought while you read.

 void of space


You took it all away, you ‘Intelligencia’.

You took it all away, Our American civil religion.

We were a nation of the Book.  Not the Captain’s log book, but the scripture that was the foundation of Our Nation that likely accompanied the Captain’s log.

It arrived with Columbus in the Bahamas. Cortez brought it when he arrived in Mexico.  It arrived in Roanoke and then at Jamestown with Captain Smith.  The Pilgrims brought it to Plymouth Rock. Jacques Cartier brought it to the Gaspe’ Peninsula in Newfoundland.  Surely, it was the Christian Book, yet that Book drew from the Jewish one.

You attacked these bold men for their transgressions.  You took Your modern principles and applied them in retrospect, and decided their crimes were greater than their achievements.  You vilified them, and you vilified Our history with them.

The Book traveled across the sea, and then across the continent.  Books, rare and costly as Our country grew, only one was likely carried most prevalently.  Because it was the one, we taught Ourselves and Our children to read out of it.  Because it was the one Book, we talked about it, we discussed it, and we relied on its wisdom.  Even in the great wars we fought, the Book accompanied US and was the source of Our repentance in the aftermath.

We were inspired and wrote songs about the subject of the Book.  The words of “America” replaced those of “God Save the King”, and we praised the Creator of Liberty for Ours, just as the Israelites praised him for theirs.  “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” called Us to remember who lit the fires of justice in Our hearts.  “America, the Beautiful” reminds Us of the pilgrims’ feet traversing the land.  “God Bless America” invokes the Creator’s beauty and bounty given Us, even as the Psalms we read recalled the same sentiment from two millennia earlier.  Arlo Guthrie gave Us “This Land is Your Land”, joining Us all together from coast to coast, further describing the beauty and grandeur of Our Country.  And at the end of the twentieth century, Lee Greenwood was inspired to give Us “God Bless the USA”.

Our Book taught us to “Promote the welfare of the city to which you have been exiled.  Pray for it to the Lord.  For upon its welfare depends your own” (Jer 29:7)  A hundred years ago, in the midst of the massive immigration of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when people were pouring into Our country from cultures around the world, Our schools taught Our children and Us to Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.    “George Cohan wrote songs celebrating that Flag, that grand symbol of what we were becoming. That tri-colored banner of stars-and-bars represented US, on Our streets, over Our government buildings, over Our ships and Our troops.  We waved it proudly as we came upon the world stage.  To Our Pledge we added, ‘under God’ after the horror of a second world war in half a century.

But you, you “Intelligencia”, you have different ideas.

Vilifying Our Founders was just the start for you.  You took away prayer from Our schools in 1962 (Madalyn Murry O’Hair).  You allowed Us to commit genocide beginning in 1972(Roe v. Wade).  You attacked Our religious freedoms in 1990 (Employement vs. Smith).  You destroyed a millennium of social law by attacking marriage in 2015. (Obergfell vs. Hodges).  Americans for the Separation of Church and State, the American Civil Liberty Union, and others…your churches of worship.

Our public schools don’t teach those songs above any more.  There are no more ‘Christmas’ concerts.

The schools don’t have students pledge their allegiance to a flag any longer.  It’s now ‘offensive’ to immigrants, rather than a rallying point. You celebrate as ‘art’ the desecration of the Stars and Stripes.  Spattered with feces, walking on top of it, and burning it are applauded as ‘freedom of speech’.  But Our protests of the same are to be silenced and shoved aside.

You teach Our children that men and women are interchangeable, in spite of the decades of social statistics you otherwise Used to promote the building of families requiring both.  Contrary to the lessons of the Book some still carry, and contrary to others’ professions, any number of adults of any chosen sexual assignment or chosen gender may substitute in place of those once vital statistical facts.

You, you ‘Intelligencia’, you’ve taken it all away, and in your rush to destroy Us you’ve given Us nothing to replace it with but chaos and confusion.  You’ve failed those who trusted you and you betrayed those of Us who relied on you to promote Truth.

Why do Our children fall into despair?  Why do they turn to drugs?  Why do they choose the violence of firearms?  Why do they commit suicide in ever greater numbers?

Why do those who do survive their youth, and then fail as adults commit horrendous crimes?

Why are Our ‘Citizens’ faithful to Islam find their radical counterparts so compelling that they would join with them and bring carnage to Our own shores?

You took away Our Book.  You took away Our civil religion built on the book.  You’ve given Us nothing in return to believe in but individual ‘freedom’.  And when each person is free to choose, without guidelines for the choice, then there are as many choices as there are people, and the ‘People’ will cease to exist.


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