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The Star-‘Tangled’ Banner

Fort McHenry crowd
There are a lot of comments going about due to the flag burning at an exclusive college, concerning why the administration will no longer fly any flag on campus. “Isn’t it disrespectful to the veterans?” asked a FoxNews reporter. Yes, it is. And it is disrespectful to those who exercised their ‘free speech’ rights, and to those who’s labor builds the roads and buildings of our nation, and to those who defend it at home against fires, crime, medical emergencies… and to the great financiers as well as the ‘average Joes’ walking to their small business every day. It’s disrespectful to all of us because the stars and bars represent us all, every one of us. It is the banner of these ‘United States’, each of us doing our part to continue to work and live under the Constitution dedicated to “We, the People…”
So when protesters exercise their free speech and burn the flag, they denigrate us all, including themselves. When the college administration refuses to fly the flag, it denigrates all of us, making use of the federal taxes it receives for students’ tuition without acknowledging who provided those tax dollars.
So please, fly the flag, and carry it in your protests. Honor it as you would honor yourselves and your causes. It is your face, your lives that are reflected in it, not just the veterans who defend it, nor any of those others who proudly stand by it and build under it.

Stars and Bars, Hearts and Minds

The schools don’t teach it, the government doesn’t honor it.  How will anyone ever understand what the Flag, our flag, stands for if no one speaks of it. Today becomes just another obscure patriotic day on the calendar.

But some still remember that those stars in a field of blue remind us to look to the heavens from all fifty states and say ‘thank you’ for our freedom.  Some still recall the white is for the peace that we aspire to, and the red is for the life blood given to attain that peace.  Thirteen separate colonies we began as and fifty strong we remain united two-hundred-thirty-seven years later.
Who remembers?
How about those in Oklahoma this last month, who even in the aftermath of total destruction found their flags and hung them from the trees.  How about those firefighters and the photographer who found the flag and raised it amid the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11.  And every immigrant knows they’ve made it across the border and to our shores when they see that flag for the first time.  They made it.  The first leg of their journey is ended.
Well, maybe, even if most don’t remember, there are a few that do still know in both their hearts and minds that our flag stands for something more than most.  It stands for the hope and freedom that all in the world desire in their hearts.
For that, may the Stars and Stripes fly forever!  For God and Country, may they fly forever!
June 14th, 2013